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About Evergreen Homecrafters

Founded in 2005, Evergreen Homecrafters LLC is a locally based builder of custom and semi-custom homes in the Metro Richmond area. We feature homes that utilize advanced building techniques, technologies and design to deliver a high performance, energy efficient homes to our customers. Evergreen Homecrafters LLC is owned and managed by Jon Anderson. Jon grew up in the residential construction industry as his father and grandfather successfully built quality homes and supplied the residential construction industry for many years. After serving several years in the U.S. Air Force, Jon had the fortunate opportunity to once again return to his natural passion of building homes. Jon is very hands on with each of his projects, and you can personally find him on every job site daily. At Evergreen Homecrafters LLC we are committed to building beautiful, high quality homes with floor plans that match today’s lifestyles, are energy and resource efficient, and are environmentally friendly. The result of our commitment is that our homeowners enjoy a more comfortable home. A home that is both easier to maintain and costs much less to operate each and every month.

Our Mission

To create a higher standard of home. Evergreen Homecrafters is committed to building beautiful, high quality homes that are high performance and energy efficient, healthier, and more comfortable than standard built homes.

Our Vision

Through leadership, innovation and teamwork, our goal is to be a local leader in building high quality, high performance, and energy efficient homes.

Honesty. Being truthful in all communications.
Integrity. Displaying highest degree of character in all we do: Our words, our actions, our thoughts. Going the extra mile to get the job right.
Strong Work Ethic. Working with a sense of urgency. Going the extra mile to get the job right.
Accountability. Following through on all of our commitments and expectations. Being dependable and on time.
Achievement.  Always striving to improve…Setting goals and obtaining results.

Evergreen Homecrafters LLC was one of the first few companies in the Richmond Area to become an EarthCraft certified green builder and we specifically focus on constructing homes that are EarthCraft certified. Why? Because, simply put, we believe it is the right thing to do.